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2019 Sioux Falls CDT | Theology




This track will equip counselors to better understand how theology relates to counseling.

Because we agree with Jesus about this reality, at ACBC we devote an entire track of our counseling training to the kind of robust theology that is the basis of the Christian faith and the Christian life. Theology is not just something for academics in an ivory tower of Christian higher learning. Jesus prays that normal Christians, like you and me, would know how to use the truths of theology to help trouble people grow in their ability to live faithful and vibrant lives.  At our ACBC training, we are going to show you how to do this.

For those interested in ACBC certification, the new Advanced Theology Track will cover all of the material that is needed for completing the theology exam. This unique track will serve as an excellent resource for those completing phase two of certification.

Speakers include: Dale Johnson, Ernie Baker, Nathan Currey, Andrew Rogers, Greg Gifford, Jim Fain, Dan Dionne, Sam Stephens, and Stuart Scott.


A sample of session topics in this new track include the following:

Biblical Counseling and the Inspiration, Inerrancy, and Authority of Scripture

Biblical Counseling and the Sufficiency of Scripture

Biblical Counseling and the Question of On-going Revelation

Biblical Counseling, General Revelation, and Special Revelation

Biblical Counseling, Common Grace, and Noetic Effects of Sin

Biblical Counseling and the Doctrine of Union with Christ

Biblical Counseling and the Doctrine of the Church

Biblical Counseling and a Biblical View of the Person

Biblical Counseling and the Doctrine of Sanctification

Biblical Counseling and the Exclusivity of the Gospel

Biblical Counseling and the Image of God

Biblical Counseling and the Doctrine of Justification

Biblical Counseling and the Person of Christ

Biblical Counseling and the Work of Christ

Biblical Counseling, the Holy Spirit, and Guidance

Biblical Counseling and the Doctrine of the Trinity

Biblical Counseling and the Centrality of Repentance

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