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2018 Winter Online Training CCCard


ACBC Online Training promotes doctrinal integrity and counseling excellence. This training can be accessed anywhere in the world and is designed to equip every Christian to become a skilled counselor. Whether you are interested in growing in your personal walk with Christ, eager to strengthen your ability to make disciples, or ready to begin counseling certification, this training is for you.

Online training is offered seasonally through our website and also regularly through our ACBC certified training centers.

The Calling of All Christians
Counseling Lay of the Land
A Comparison of Counseling Philosophies
How to Grow and Change
The Doctrine of Progressive Sanctification
Key Elements of Biblical Counseling:
1 & 2: Gather Data & Discern Problems
3 & 4: Build Involvement & Give Hope
5 & 6: Give Instruction & Assign Homework
Idols of the Heart

Guilt and Repentance
Worry and Fear
Trials and Suffering
A Biblical View of Anger
How to Improve Your Communication
The Role of the Husband
The Role of the Wife
The Purpose of Marriage
A Biblical View of Sexuality

Biblical Parenting: Fathers, Do Not Provoke to Anger
Biblical Parenting: In the Discipline of the Lord
Online Q&A
Counseling People with a Psychological Diagnosis
Helping Those Suffering with Depression
Counseling People with a Medical Illness
Counseling Those Committing Sexual Sin
Q&A with Dr. Scott
The Doctrine of the Church and Biblical Counseling
Change from the Inside Out and the Outside In
Certification Q&A

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