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Defeating Despair

Start the all-important task of interpreting your circumstances through the lens of Scripture.

The Diseasing of Anxiety and Depression

Truth in Love 260

What is the problem with labeling anxiety and depression as diseases?

Fear in Pandemics

Truth in Love 251

Fear is a symptom that demonstrates we’ve been trusting in the wrong thing.

Shepherding Divisive Opinions

Truth in Love 315

There’s a difference between a congregant who disagrees with something versus someone who has a divisive approach.

When Trials Open a Door for the Gospel

See suffering as a chance to be used by God to further the Gospel and His kingdom.

Finding Financial Support for Your Counseling Ministry

Four suggestions to help counseling ministries continue in the midst of economic upheaval.

Embracing Grief

Truth In Love 375

How do we minister to those who are grieving?

Religious Liberty in the Counseling Room

Truth in Love 276

What responsibility do biblical counselors have to the government in their counseling rooms?

In Every Season Give Thanks

Only the gospel can turn our minds from the cares of this world toward God.

Counseling and the Resurrection

Truth in Love 254

In light of hope, we can transcend above the suffering, the consequences, and the pain of this present age.

Practicing Contentment

If ever we’re going to learn to be content, we must live with the confident expectation that the best is yet to come.

Practical Tips for One Anothering

Truth in Love 304

The Bible is practical in how it instructs us to love one another.