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A Conflict of Conscience

When facing a difference of conscience, ask: Is this issue explicitly addressed in the Bible?

A Biblical View of Finances

God gives everything, and everything we have has been given to us. We need to remember that. We are really managers, not owners of our money.

Taming Technology

It is possible to love and use all kinds of technology, but still make radical choices to prevent technology from taking over our lives.

Destroying Strongholds

Truth in Love Episode 279

We must view the work of biblical counseling as an act of spiritual warfare.

Parenting in a Hyper-Sexualized Culture

We can speak about sex the way God does in the Bible and we can do so in an age appropriate way.

Responding Biblically to Temptation

Truth in Love 205

When facing temptation, Christians must be active in attacking their sins and pursuing righteousness.

What Are Our Responsibilities to Those We Counsel?

Do not allow your counseling to stop when the individual leaves your appointment.

Thinking Wisely About Technology

Truth in Love 265

How does technology relate to doing all things for the glory of God?