Biblical counseling is some of the most significant work in the world.  In our counseling conversations we engage the troubles of men and women who will exist forever.  Our conversations matter for eternity.  That means we need to take this work incredibly seriously.

The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors desires to engage the discipline of counseling in the most serious way possible.  We want to address the issues that concern biblical counselors in a robust and substantive way.  That is why we have created ACBC Essays.

Our goal is to address issues related to biblical counseling in long-form articles utilizing the sophistication and seriousness of a journal with the accessibility of a blog.  We will release bi-monthly articles on our website that engage the issues most relevant to biblical counseling.  These essays will be written by some of the best minds in the biblical counseling world.  At the end of each year these articles with similar themes will be grouped together in a single PDF.

Because of the generous support of a gracious donor we are thrilled to offer these articles to the church free of charge.

ACBC Essays

Volume 1, 2017

A Biblical Analysis of Popular Therapeutic Approaches


Are Biblical Counselors Unbiblical?

Evaluating Transformational Psychology

The CBT Therapist in Us All:

A Biblical Evaluation of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy