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Legal Issues in Counseling

Many feel intimidated by the legal landscape in America and see its complexities and liabilities as a reason to not pursue a biblical counseling ministry. Yet, as the Bible makes clear, Christians are called to minister the Word of God to one another

How to Avoid a Lawsuit

Truth in Love 300

Does seeking legal counsel demonstrate a lack of faith in God?

Mar 1, 2021

Church Employment, Termination, and Reporting

Truth in Love 297

How should leaders respond to legal issues within their churches?

Feb 8, 2021

Biblical Counseling and Confidentiality

Truth in Love 293

We want to keep counseling matters confidential, but there are certain issues where the Bible makes clear that we cannot hold absolute confidentiality.

Jan 11, 2021

Why Would the State Seek to Regulate Biblical Counseling?

Truth in Love Episode 278

Clarifying biblical counseling as a matter of doctrine avoids categorical confusion with legal ramifications.

Sep 28, 2020

Religious Liberty in the Counseling Room

Truth in Love 276

What responsibility do biblical counselors have to the government in their counseling rooms?

Sep 14, 2020

Legal Issues and Abuse

Truth in Love 196

How should the church think about abuse from a legal perspective?

Mar 4, 2019

Faith and Counseling Malpractice

Truth in Love 120

The ultimate malpractice in counseling is removing faith in Jesus Christ.

Sep 19, 2017

Counseling Implications for a Culture in Crisis

Considering Homosexuality and Religious Liberty

Recent legal trends threaten Christian ethics and biblical counseling approaches to homosexuality.

Feb 16, 2014