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Depression & Despair

In the midst of suffering and sadness, let the difficulty push you toward God and His Word, not away.

Models of Lament

Truth In Love 366

Can godly people have bad emotions? How can we express our questions, emotions, and sorrow to God in faith?

Jun 6, 2022

Rejoicing Always in the Lord

In Christ, we can have a constant gladness and confident delight in God that results in satisfaction in Him in all circumstances.

Apr 23, 2021

Praying Psalm 88

Cries from the Pit

Don’t let your suffering draw you away from Scripture—use it to see how God is revealed in its pages.

Mar 12, 2021

Despair: A Medical Perspective

Truth in Love 275

Some might benefit from some medical interventions for sickness of the body, but everybody needs to understand who God is, who man is, and who Christ is.

Sep 7, 2020

Helping the Discouraged

God chooses, in His sovereignty and His grace, to show Himself strong when we are very much aware of our weakness.

Jul 1, 2020

Biblical Answers for Bipolar Depression

Truth in Love 264

What does the Bible say about bipolar depression and can genuine Christians experience it?

Jun 22, 2020

Defeating Despair

Start the all-important task of interpreting your circumstances through the lens of Scripture.

May 26, 2020

Survivor, Cruise Ships, and Quarantine

We can promise people that by relying on God’s Word, their perspective on their circumstances will change.

Apr 21, 2020

Biblical Sorrow Without Sinful Complaining

Long before you start pointing out how someone might be sinning in their circumstances, I hope as a counselor that you’re willing to create a safe place for them to sorrow.

Apr 8, 2020

Abounding in Hope

Hope is the life-changing certainty that God provides.

Mar 30, 2020

Our Refuge in the Storms of Life

While David still acknowledges the danger around him, he also knows that God will inevitably have the final word.

Mar 19, 2020

Strategies for Fighting Depression Well

All of God’s promises and exhortations that apply to suffering apply to depression as well.

Oct 1, 2019