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Counseling and Medical Issues

Panel Discussion

How can you encourage someone with a very complicated diagnosis?

Video Timestamps

0:13. “You are speaking to a group of people who are interested in biblical counseling. Explain from a biblical and theological perspective why folks who are interested in biblical counseling should care about medical issues?”

3:10 “How is our culture confused about mental illness? How do they speak about it in ways that are unhelpful? How should we as biblical counselors confront that?”

6:24 “How should we speak to a culture about these things of mental illness?”

10:35 “I think that very often biblical counseling and biblical counselors get defined by what we are against. ‘We are anti-medicine and anti-drugs. We are on a sin hunt. We think that every problem is a spiritual problem. Problems cannot be physical.’ Respond to that.”

15:28 “What is the difference between a counselor and a physician? How can we each help one another as we try to minister to hurting people?”

21:19 “What issues are physical, what issues are spiritual, and what issues are a combination of both? How do we process those and make sense of those in counseling?”

25:00 “Lets say we have a situation where one of the people listening to this conversation is talking to someone who is diagnosed with Bipolar 1 disorder. How would they begin to think through what parts of that diagnosis are their responsibility to speak to and what areas of that diagnosis need to entrust to a medical professional?”

31:15 “Say there is someone who brings up that there are PET scans that demonstrate that the brains of people with some of these diagnoses are different and he just said that we don’t have any tests that prove such things. What would you say to that?”

35:02 “What do you say to a counselee who says…” 

Questions series.

49:52 “How would you encourage someone who is watching this who has a counselee with a very complicated diagnosis?”

53:25 “I want you to take the time to speak to folks who want to be committed to biblical counseling, but we are in this culture where serious problems are medical problems and medical problems require medicinal interventions. In the midst of that culture, I want you to take the time and encourage folks that are listening about the unique role that biblical counselors play.”