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Top 10 Podcasts

To celebrate the release of the 400th episode of the Truth in Love podcast, we are giving away a free ticket to our 2023 Annual Conference along with an ACBC author book bundle. Make sure to check out our social media channels for information on how to win the prize!

Below you will find the Top 10 Truth in Love podcast episodes of all time. We are thankful for our many listeners who have faithfully supported the podcast over the years. We pray that the Truth in Love podcast will continue to be a blessing to our listeners and bring the Lord glory for years to come!

  1. TIL 306 The Origins of the Enneagram (feat. Rhenn Cherry) [1]
  2. TIL 213 Facing Death (Feat. David Powlison) [2]
  3. TIL 363 Ungodly Introspection in OCD (feat. Keith Palmer) [3]
  4. TIL 362 Idolizing Certainty in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (feat. Keith Palmer) [4]
  5. TIL 359 Transactional Forgiveness (feat. Stuart Scott) [5]
  6. TIL 352 How Not to Counsel: Learning from Job’s Friends (Feat. Brad Brandt) [6]
  7. TIL 357 Biblically Informed Trauma Care (feat. John Babler) [7]
  8. TIL 354 The Sovereignty of God in Psalm 145 (feat. Susan Heck) [8]
  9. TIL 360 Mind vs Brain (feat. Greg E. Gifford) [9]
  10. TIL 348 The Unbiblical Nature of Reparative Therapy (feat. Heath Lambert) [10]