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Stand for Biblical Counseling

Jan 12, 2022

Dear Friend of Biblical Counseling,

Greetings! We want to inform you of an ongoing development that could have significant ramifications for biblical counselors. In West Lafayette, IN a city ordinance has been proposed, Ordinance 31-21, which if passed would ban any attempts by biblical counselors to speak biblical truth in love to minors wrestling with sexual orientation or issues of gender confusion. This ordinance is threatening to fine counselors and counseling centers up to $1,000 per day. As many of you know, Faith Church is one of our training centers and a faithful advocate of biblical counseling. Faith Church, and other churches and ministries in the area, would be impacted if this ordinance were passed.

While various legislative actions have been taken against what is often called Conversion or Reparative Therapy in the United States over the last decade or so, this ordinance differs from the current legislation on two significant fronts: (1) this ordinance specifically targets unlicensed counselors (2) conversion therapy, as defined by this ordinance, has been given a far broader and ambiguous definition compared to current legislative action. To be clear, the fundamental tenants, practices, and goals of conversion therapy in no way reflect a biblical approach to counseling. But the intentional ambiguity of this ordinance would hold pastors and biblical counselors (both licensed and unlicensed) in violation of this ban if they attempt to counsel a biblical sexual ethic to a minor struggling with same-sex attraction or gender confusion.

Faith Church has worked with area churches, campus groups, and other concerned citizens to develop Lafayette Citizens for Freedom to help defeat this ordinance that threatens religious freedom and biblical counseling. I’m writing to encourage you to visit their website and take the following steps as soon as you can:

  1. Sign the on-line petition here
  2. Email the 9 West Lafayette City Council members who have not opposed the bill to vote no on Ordinance 31-21. You can find the council member’s contact information here. The website also has an autoformatted email option.
  3. Share this message on your social media platforms and ask your friends, church members, and others to take the same steps here.
  4. Pray that the ordinance would be overturned and that the Lord would protect faithful churches and ministries in Lafayette.

ACBC is committed to supporting Faith Church in this matter. We are also committed to keeping you informed on issues that will impact the church and the ministry of the Word.

Grace and Peace,