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Bible Reading Plans

This post includes suggestions of Bible study methods.

Dec 27, 2016

As we approach the New Year, we often reflect on the triumphs and failures of the past year and ponder ways to continue working out our salvation as God works in us in the New Year (Philippians 2:12-13). This may take on many forms but one is to set goals for oneself in the New Year such as reading through the Bible in a year. To help you decide the best Bible reading method for you, here are some of the Bible reading plans that the ACBC staff suggest you look into.


A canonical reading of the Bible is when you simply read the Bible cover to cover in a year. You read from Genesis to Revelation as the Bible is arranged in the protestant canon.

M’Cheyne’s Bible Reading Method

Robert M’Cheyne produced a plan for his congregation to read the Bible in a year. His method involves reading four different sections of the Bible a day. These sections include two passages which he intended for private reading and two passages which he intended to be read in family devotions. Both include a chapter from the Old Testament and a chapter from the New Testament. To view M’Cheyne’s letter introducing his program as well as the year long Bible calendar, click here.


A chronological Bible reading program walks the reader through the Bible in the order that the authors wrote the different books and sections of Scripture.

ESV Study Bible 

The ESV study Bible also offers a plan to read through the whole Bible in a year. In this plan, each day’s reading contains a section from the psalms and wisdom literature, a section from the pentateuch and the history of Israel, a section from the chronicles and prophets, and a section from the gospels and epistles.

Here at ACBC we hope that in this coming year God’s word dwells in you richly and you experience greater blessing, thanksgiving, purity, and joy as a result (Colossians 3:16; Psalm 119). Whatever Bible reading plan you choose, strive with us to passionately pursue God’s word by the power of God’s grace.