Post-Abortive Counseling: Ministering Biblical Hope After Abortion


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While abortion continues to be a hot-button topic in contemporary culture, it is important to realize the intention to take the life of another human being entered the world when Adam sinned in Genesis 3. Since that time, millions of fathers and mothers, perhaps even billions, have taken the lives of their born and preborn children. Abortion has left numerous women and men under the unbearable guilt and shame that accompanies sin. Some even despair of any hope to remove it. The goal of this booklet is to help equip and prepare biblical counselors to minister to post-abortive men and women who need the hope and healing only found in Jesus Christ.

Camille Cates has been an ACBC certified counselor since 2015 and regularly speaks at women’s conferences on seeking hope and healing after abortion. Camille has been a guest writer for ministries such as The Gospel Coalition and Answers in Genesis. She has also co-authored youth and adult discipleship materials published with Healing Hearts Ministries International. Camille and her husband, Troy, have three children and reside in the Cincinnati, Ohio metro area.