2017: Faithfully Protestant: Biblical Counseling and the Reformation



  • Over 50 + Hours of counseling content
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  • Focuses on the Five Solas of the Reformation and their essential relevance for counseling



2017 marked the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. The biblical counseling movement has understood that the truths at the heart of the Reformation, are the same truths at the heart of transformation sought in counseling.

It takes commitment to biblical counseling to restore the truths of Jesus, grace, and faith to counseling practice so that broken people would give glory to God alone. This commitment is what it takes to be faithfully Protestant.


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Plenary Sessions:

Faithfully Protestant – Heath Lambert

Christ Alone – Paige Patterson

Grace Alone – Ligon Duncan

Glory Alone – Brad Bigney

Faith Alone – Keith Palmer

Scripture Alone – Jim Newheiser

Breakout Sessions:

Session 1 – Anger

Working with Angry Teens and Their Parents – Garrett Higbee

Helping Women Who Struggle with Anger – Martha Peace

Conquering Anger in Your Soul – Joe Propri

Hope and Help for Handling Sinful Anger – Tim Keeter

The Joy of Becoming Good and Angry – Bill Shannon

How Deuteronomy Identifies Roots of Anger – Jim Fain

Living With an Angry Spouse – Caroline Newheiser

How Anger is Understood and Addressed in Cultures of Other Nations – Wayne Vanderwier

Do I Decelerate or Provoke My Angry Spouse – Jill Wamsley

Session 2 – Conflict

Radical Forgiveness – Ernie Baker

Counseling People to Respond to Conflict Biblically – Kevin Backus

Conflict Among the Beloved – Jim Koerber

Selfishness: Another Stubborn Sin – Bill Winton

Philemon: A Case Study of Reconciliation – Andrew Rogers

Beginning, Continuing, or Ending a Dating Relationship – Sean Perron

Avoiding Legal Conflict With Your Counselee – Deborah Dewart

Understanding and Resolving Conflict – Stuart Scott

Session 3 – Anxiety

The Negative Behind Positive Thinking – Nicolas Ellen

Teaching Counselees to Put Off Anxiety – Susan Heck

Emotions and Counseling – Rebekah Hannah

Helping the Discouraged – Randy Patten

How to Kill Worry Before Worry Kills You – George Scipione

Good Reasons Not To Worry – Armand Tiffe

Biblical Counseling and Anxiety – Hannah Carter

Anxiety: The Problem, The Principles, and the Plan – Craig Rowe

When Panic Attacks Me – Paul Tautges

Session 4 – Sorrow

Responding Biblically to Guilt and Shame – Lisa Schmidt

Counseling Under the Cross: Martin Luther – Bob Kellemen

Working Through Depression – Paul Tautges

Abused as a Child, Suffering as an Adult – Amy Baker

Ministering the Book of Lamentations – Brad Brandt

How Compassionate is Your Counseling – Jim Pile

When Your Seemingly Obedient Children Become Prodigals – Shirley Elliot

Sorrow with a Purpose – Julie Ganschow

Towards Developing a Proper Theology of Sadness – Jim Halla

Hope and Help for the Self-Injurer – Mark Shaw

Helping the Anxious, Stressed, and Troubled – Tim Bryant

How to Keep Biblical Sorrow From Slipping Into Sinful Complaining – Brad Bigney

Songs for the Sorrowful – Nathan Currey

Session 5 – Sexuality

Purifying the Heart of Sexual Idolatry – John Street

Vanity or Body Image Problem? – Martha Peace

God’s Blueprint for Sex – Tony Anderson

David and Saul: A Test Case for PTSD – Curtis Solomon

Medical Problems that Appear to be Counseling Problems – Charles Hodges

Hair Pulling – Keith Palmer

Sexuality and the Courts: Realities and Unrealities – Deborah Dewart

Addressing Sexual Struggles in Marriage – Scott Mehl

Understanding the Different Kinds of Reading Problems

Hope and Healing for Those Hurting from Abortion

Parenting to Prevent Sexual Sin

Thanksgiving, Necessary Ingredient for Sexual Purity

50 Thanks Adam and Eve Theology of the Body