ACBC Essays: Volume III




The ACBC Essays are a product of our biennial colloquiums, which are hosted to encourage Christ-like dialogue and academic enterprise amongst leaders in the world of biblical counseling. The essays included in this volume are a product of the 2021 colloquium titled, Myths of Modern Psychiatry, and are not the work of any employees of ACBC. While each author writes within the Standards of Doctrine and Conduct of ACBC, please understand that there may be a variation of opinions regarding their approach, even among members of ACBC. Topics addressed in Volume III include:

The Myths of Psychiatric Advance by Robert Whitaker

Research, Neuroscience, Modern Psychotherapies, and the Noetic Effects of the Fall by Dr. Jenn Chen

The Myth of the Medical Model by Daniel Berger

Psychiatric Medications, Brain Chemicals, and the Soul: A Call for Clarity? by Lee C. Edmonds M.D.