2019: Suicide, Self-Harm, and Scripture



  • Over 50 + Hours of counseling content
  • Share with family and friends
  • Focuses on equipping Christians to minister God’s Word to the those involved with suicidal thoughts and self-harm


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Plenary Sessions:

Session 1 -Dale Johnson – When All Hope Seems Lost

Session 2 – Mark Shaw – Self-Injurious Behavior

Session 3 – Stephen Yuille – Abounding in Hope

Session 4 – Kevin Carson – How to Best Care for Families in the Aftermath of Suicide

Session 5 – Lee Edmonds – Despair, Body and Soul, A Medical Perspective

Breakout Sessions:

Session 1 – Trauma and Crisis Counseling

Jim Newheiser – Dealing with the Aftermath of Suicide

Stuart Scott – Handling Suicidal Threats

Aliza Hawkins – Hope for Marital Intimacy with a Past of Sexual Abuse

Caroline Newheiser – Counseling from the Case of Abigail in 2 Samuel

Bill Shannon – How to Handle “I’ve Got a Gun to My Head” Crisis in the Church

Martha Peace – Counseling Women Who are Despairing and Suicidal

Nathan Currey – Counseling in the Face of Death

John Babler – From School Shootings to DWI Crashes: Counseling Those Impacted by Trauma

Cheryl Bell – The Crisis of Child Sexual Abuse: God’s Power to All Things Together for Good

Brian Gaines – How to Begin a Counseling Ministry

Randy Patten – Counseling a Divided Church

Session 2 – Depression and Destructive Behaviors

Doug Helmer – Going Dormant: When Men Withdraw

Mary Somerville – Lessons from the Dark Valley of Depression

Phil Moser – Value of Scripture Memory in Combating Destructive Behaviors

Brad Bigney – Feeling Abandoned by God (Psalm 88)

Cheryl Bell – What the Bible says about Co-Dependency in Destructive Behaviors

Martha Peace – Counseling After Depression

Bryan Gaines – Christ’s Affliction as the Remedy for Self-Affliction

Camille Cates – Counseling Teens Who are Self Injuring

Wayne Vanderwier – Developing the Culture of Discipleship

Yonathan Moris – El Amor Biblico como la Cura para el Comportamiento Auto Destructivo

Session 3 – Addictions

Julie Ganschow – Help! My Loved One is an Addict!

Kimberly Clark – Help for Eating Disorders and Distorted Thinking

Susan Heck – Putting Off Life Dominating Sins

Keith Palmer – Crafting Temptation and Repentance Plans to Help Addicts

Amber Komatsu – Certification

Tony Anderson – Habitual Sin Counseling: How to Start Counseling Someone with an Addiction

Kelly Alexander – Stopping the Panic Attack Cycle

Andrew Rogers – Training your Church to Counsel Face to Face

Lisa Schmidt – Responsible Biblically to Addictions

Juan Moncayo – La Consejeria Biblica – herramienta Fundamental para una Iglesia Saludable

Session 4 – Parenting and Family Issues

Scott O’Malley – God’s Sufficient Grace for Adoptive Families

John Lehman – Technology: A Raging or Tamed Beast?

Armand & Kathy Tiffe – Cultivating a Good Family Heritage

Jill Wamsley – Counseling Biblical Authority/Submission

Amy Baker – Laying the Foundation for Successful Blended Families

Kevin Backus – Helping Children Whose Parents are Divorcing

Brad Brandt – Practical Help for the Family from Proverbs

Jim Koerber – Counseling Families with Aging Relatives

Tim Keeter – Parenting and the Bullied Child

Tony Anderson – From “Scratch” to a Training Center

Session 5 – Evaluating Psychological Categories

Ernie Baker – Discerning What a Counseling System Really Believes

Craig Rowe – What About the Unconscious

Scott Mehl – Thinking Biblically about Personality Tests

Nate Brooks – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Is the Mind Central to Change?

Tim Pasma – How to Help Psychologized Counselees

John Street – Biblical Answers for Bi-Polar Depression

Sean Perron – Jesus’ Use of Metaphor in Counseling

Sam Stephens – Rethinking Therapeutic Categories

Deborah Dewart – Get Your Legal “Ducks” in a Row: Structure, Governance, Policies

Dale Johnson – The Dangers of Psychology