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Jesus spent far more time counseling than preaching.  Though we often think of Jesus as a preacher of God’s Word, In fact, a reading of the gospels shows that Jesus counseled far more than he preached.

For every Sermon on the Mount there are about four or five conversations that Jesus had.  Think of the woman at the well, the rich young ruler, the many questions of the disciples, Nicodemus, and the woman caught in adultery—just to name a few.  Jesus knew how to have conversations with hurting and sinful people in a way that brought the Word of God to bear on their struggles.

Our ACBC counseling trainings are designed to give pastors tools to learn how to have a ministry like Jesus—one that doesn’t just preach God’s Word, but which also counsels God’s Word.  Because seminary training often focuses on preaching to the exclusion of counseling, we want to minister to the pastor’s of God’s flock by helping them to grow up in the kind of counseling skill that Jesus had.

This conference will help you

  • Help people who seem unable to stop a particular sin
  • Provide practical strategies for people afflicted with significant suffering
  • Repair broken marriages.


Church Member 

Every Christian is a counselor.  They might not want the work, and they might not be any good at it, but every Christian is a counselor.  This is because every Christian has conversations with people who are in trouble and need help.

Every Christian knows someone with a troubled marriage, has kids who are struggling with disobedience, is friends with someone who has experienced a tragic loss.  We all know these people, but so often we do not know what to say when we are faced with the struggles of these people we love so much.

ACBC offers counseling and discipleship training because we want the church of Jesus Christ to grow in wisdom and skill about how to say helpful things to people going through intense difficulty.

At our ACBC conferences you will learn

  • How to help someone who feels trapped by a sin they cannot overcome
  • What to say to someone who is experiencing a heartbreaking loss
  • How to offer care to your friends who are experiencing trouble in their family



Many professional counselors received rigorous training in their schooling, but never learned how the Bible speaks to the counseling problems that people face.  So many want to know how to make their faith in Jesus Christ and their confidence in the Scriptures be more relevant to their counseling work.

At ACBC we offer counseling and discipleship training to professional counselors because we want Christians to know how to use the Scriptures to add spiritual vitality to their counseling labor.  Our trainings are led by instructors with advanced degrees in counseling and years of counseling experience.  Every training event includes instruction by a medical doctor who also has counseling certification.  Professionals attending our training are also able to receive CEUs.

Professionals attending our event will:

  • Learn about the relationship between psychology and biblical counseling
  • Learn biblical solutions for common problems like depression and anxiety
  • Learn the important biblical distinctions between medical and spiritual care
  • Earn education hours towards certification in ACBC, the largest biblical counseling organization in the world.



College campuses are filled with people who struggle with all kinds of life problems.  You struggle with the pain of a deceased loved one, your parents marriage is in trouble, your best friend is depressed over a bad break-up, your roommate has an eating disorder.  So many Christians have no idea what to say or do in the context of such serious difficulties.

At ACBC we offer counseling and discipleship conferences because we want to equip Christians to be minsters of the gospel in the context of their college campuses. We want to show them how to spread the light of Jesus Christ to people experiencing the darkness of life’s difficulties.

When you attend our trainings you will be equipped to:

  • Use the Bible to help people with serious problems like eating disorders
  • Help people who have been diagnosed with a mental illness
  • Offer care to people overwhelmed with sorrow