Introducing: Director of Training Center Certification

Dear members and friends of ACBC,

My name is Trevor and I will be serving as the new Director of Training Center Certification at ACBC. I’m indebted to my predecessor, Wayne Johnston, whose years of service, biblical fidelity, and kindness have strengthened ACBC and the Biblical Counseling movement in countless ways. These are exciting times to be involved in the Biblical Counseling movement and we have a great year ahead of us. Let me begin by telling you a little about myself. 

I was born and raised in the islands of Hawaii and converted at age 18. At 20 years old, I moved to Louisville, Kentucky to receive theological education. Along the way I met Amber, got married, and started a family. It was also during my undergrad days that I was awakened to the great need for Biblical Counseling in the United States and throughout the world. We plan on transitioning down to Jacksonville, FL to be near ACBC headquarters within the next 12 months.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be serving as the Director of Training Center Certification. I’m excited because our ACBC Certified Training Centers are on the frontlines of the Biblical Counseling movement. After running statistics, we found that 90% of newly certified counselors from 2015-2017 received their training through our Certified Training Centers. Moreover, these were the years we consecutively broke records for new members. These Training Centers are critical to our organization’s success.  They are in the trenches: training counselors, counseling the hurting, and persuading men and women that God’s word has answers to the most significant problems people face. That’s exciting.

I’m also excited because this is the first time in ACBC’s history that we’re able to have a full time staff member dedicated exclusively to Training Center certification and development. I will be answering questions, helping problem solve, promoting Training Center’s content and events, and assisting those seeking to become an ACBC Certified Training Center.

With that said, I want to share some of our new initiatives and goals for 2018:

  1. I would love to see each of our ACBC Certified Training Centers have a record breaking year. This would mean even more men and women being equipped to counsel the word of God rather than the wisdom of man. I will be helping them think through creative and effective ways to promote their training and content by offering live Q&As and tutorials throughout the year.
  2. I would like to facilitate multiple Director Cohorts; groups of four to five directors who get together to discuss new projects, ministry models, and initiatives. It is my hope these interactions will further the culture of creativity, faithfulness to the Scriptures, and collaboration among our directors.
  3. I would like to serve anyone interested in their organization becoming an ACBC Certified Training Center. At the moment there are roughly 170+ institutions interested in becoming certified with us. I plan on developing ways to communicate the certification process and help them walk through it with as much clarity and efficiency as possible.


There is so much work to be done and by God’s grace, it will be a terrific year.


Director of Training Center Certification

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  • Jeff Christianson
    January 4, 2018

    Thanks for your letter, Trevor! Looking forward to connecting going forward in 2018 🙂

  • Joe propri
    January 4, 2018

    Looking forward to getting know you!
    Joe Propri
    Director, BCI

  • Randy
    January 4, 2018

    Cheeehooo! Great news Trevor! Will be praying for you during the transition.

  • Chuck Aaron
    January 5, 2018

    Thanks for the letter. Looking forward to getting to know you and working with you.
    Chuck Aaron
    Director Liberty Biblical Counseling Ministries

  • Darryl Burling
    January 5, 2018

    Well written, Trevor! I’m looking forward to interacting with you!

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