Southern Seminary recently recorded Dr. Heath Lambert interviewing Dr. Jay Adams. You can watch two videos from the interview at the Southern Blog.

Here are some notable quotes from Dr. Adams taken from the footage:

  • “I believe that every congregation is a counseling center. Whether it is a good one or not, or whether it is opperative or not, is another issue.”
  • “[Preaching and counseling] cannot be separated. What you do in one, you also do in the other because you are dealing with people.”
  • “[Training in counseling] has affected my preaching.”
  • “Counseling effects preaching in every aspect. When you preach, you preach to people – Not some faceless individual. You are preaching out the milue of counseling which is a vital mileu.”
  • “I am driven by exegesis in both preaching and counseling… it is a vital relationship.
  • “You can’t expect the Spirit of God to bless the misuse of His Word.”

You can watch both interviews at the Southern Blog.

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