Institutional Certification

What is the Process for Training Center Certification?

Did you know that ACBC does not just certify individuals in biblical counseling, but also institutions? These certified institutions are thoroughly vetted and evaluated for their doctrinal standards, training quality, and commitment to biblical counseling. When certified, these training centers are cleared to offer programs leading to ACBC certification. If your church, school, or counseling center is interested in becoming a Certified Training Center of ACBC, you’ve come to the right place!

The following six (6) phases provide an overview of the institutional certification process from initial contact to orientation and on-boarding.

Phases 1-4 include the preliminary assessment, application, program evaluation, and report of findings related to the institutional certification process. An organization within any one of these phases is considered a Prospective Training Center.

Phase 1 | Pre-Application Assessment

Phase 2 | Application

Phase 3 | Evaluation

Phase 4 | Report and Committee Referral

Phase 5
comas as the Committee votes to recommend the Prospective Training Center for a full vote of the Board of Trustees. An organization within this phase is considered a Candidate Training Center.

Phase 5 | Board Decision

6 comes at the successful completion of the institutional certification process and culminates in the organization becoming a Certified Training Center.

Phase 6 | Orientation and Operational Requirements


We are currently working on editing a comprehensive Certified Training Center Manual which will outline the process in more detail. Once the final revisions have been approved, we will link that manual here. In the meantime, feel free to direct all inquiries to the Director of Training Center Certification.

If you have any questions about our Certified Training Centers or if you would like to discuss the process to establish one in your area, please contact the Director of Training Center Certification, Sam Stephens, at