Helping People: A Story of Hope for Struggling People

An important aspect of biblical counseling is giving help to counselees. In this testimony, a young man shares his story of how an ACBC counselor helped him through a difficult time of struggling with sin. This counselor helped him bring his sin into the light, bore the man’s burden, and encouraged him to live a holy life that honored Christ. This counselor showed love, compassion, and help in a difficult time. Watch this video for more information about how the ACBC counselor helped this young man through a difficult time.

If you would like more information about providing help to a struggling person, check out the ACBC certification process.  In this process, you will learn how to help people as God’s Word calls Christians to help others.

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  • Bonnie Trulove
    May 15, 2017

    Great message — great post. Thankful that this young man was counseled and discipled by an ACBC counselor, and most of all that he has found joy in living a life for Jesus. “Well done,” to both the counselor and the counselee.

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