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A One-Year High School Course

Foundations for Biblical Discipleship

Let Scripture shape your student’s worldview and relationships.

Introduction to Foundations of Biblical Discipleship

Equip your student to navigate life issues in light of Scripture!

Our curriculum will teach students to think biblically about: 
  • Growth and change 
  • Conflict resolution and repentance 
  • Sexual purity and dating 
  • Bullying and suffering 
  • Idols of the heart and worshiping God 
  • Modern counseling philosophies vs. biblical counseling
  • Ways teens can serve the Body of Christ

Learn the Foundations of Biblical Discipleship

High school students face extreme challenges to the biblical worldview today, and what they study in high school will powerfully shape their worldview. 

ACBC provides a self-contained curriculum that equips students to apply theology to life issues they will encounter so that they can be prepared to engage the world in light of God’s Word.

Download a Sample of the Curriculum:

– Overview of Curriculum
– Course Syllabus
– Sample Lecture Notes
– Sample Case Studies


What You Get in This Curriculum 

30 hours of lectures: Learn from pastors, professors, and experienced counselors. This curriculum includes one year of access to 30 hours of audio and video lectures from ACBC training events. 

4 books with reading assignments: Enjoy the benefit of reading assignments and companion guides for books from leading authors in the biblical counseling movement. 

Original case studies: Written specifically for this course, students will learn to apply their new knowledge to realistic situations. 

How Does It Work?

Purchase Your Box

  • Option 1: Assigned course books included 
  • Option 2: Assigned course books not included

Receive Your Kit

  • All-inclusive kit – you just need a computer and internet access

Start Learning

  • Course syllabus & schedules included 
  • Comes with workbooks & grading guides 
  • Online one-year access to lectures

What’s In the Box?

  1. Student Notebook
  2. Companion Reading Guides and required books
  3. One-year access to 30 hours of lectures from pastors, professors, and certified counselors


  • Does this curriculum count for high school credit?

    This curriculum is designed to fulfill the minimum requirement of 180 hours for a 1 credit hour high school Bible, sociology, or elective course; HOWEVER, always check your state requirements, as regulations vary by state.

  • What are the assigned books in this curriculum?

    Psychobabble by Richard Ganz; When People are Big and God is Small by Ed Welch (1997); Counseling the Hard Cases by Stuart Scott & Heath Lambert; and A Theology of Biblical Counseling by Heath Lambert.

  • During which year of high school do you recommend we use this curriculum?

    Due to the content and requirements of this course, we recommend using it for 11th & 12th grade students.

  • How long do I have access to the materials?

    The books, companion guides, and student notebook are yours to keep. The video lectures come with a one-year access expiration date beginning with the date the student enrolls in the course.