The Exemplary Husband – A Book Review


When it comes to marriage books, The Exemplary Husband by Dr. Stuart Scott is already a classic. This book can be recommended reading for almost any scenario related to marriage. The book is comprehensive, accessible, and practical.

The book begins by explaining elementary truths of the Christian faith that other books assume. The good news of Jesus Christ is clearly articulated and applied in this first section. This makes The Exemplary Husband relevant to unbelievers, new believers, or believers who need to be reminded of the fundamentals.

My favorite section of the book is Part 3 and 4. These sections highlight several common areas of weaknesses for husbands. Each chapter is packed full of Scripture on topics such as Humility, Sensitivity, Communication, Anger, Anxiety, Fear, and Lust. Dr. Scott walks a husband through each of these categories and gives practical wisdom on how to grow in godliness. Every chapter is filled with Bible passages to meditate upon and implement on a daily basis. Nearly every section has charts and practical suggestions for how to overcome temptations and display fruit of the Spirit.

This book is so rich with wisdom, you will find yourself going back to this book again and again, year after year, anniversary after anniversary. As you read, Dr. Scott helps you wade into the water and then he takes you into the deep end of the pool to swim laps. If you are a husband who is new to the Christian faith, or have been married for 40 years, I guarantee this book has something valuable for you.

Ten Quotes:

“We need to be aware that life does not revolve around us. As our creator, God is the cause and center of all things.” (33)


“Some men and women are under the mistaken impression that it is unloving to do anything that might cause sadness or disappointment.” (104)


“True love has no ulterior motive to only benefit self.” (106)


“Overly busy husbands do not yet grasp that they will be held accountable for their contribution (or lack thereof) to the state of the home.” (125)


“Sex should not be the basis for any marriage. It should only be an aspect of marriage.” (146)


“We are not kings, high above our wives, but actually lowly under-shepherds, doing the bidding of the chief shepherd.” (121)


“The truth is, however, that no one stays the same throughout life – not even you.” (203)


“You will not be able to control what others say, but by God’s grace you can control how you respond.” (235)


“God’s Word does tell us to pray, but it also tells us to get to work.” (2 Thessalonians 3:10) (302)


“We will see in this chapter, and from Scripture, that good communication from God’s perspective is sending a message that his holy, purposeful, clear and timely.” (227)



The Exemplary Husband is on ACBC’s Approved Reading list, which means it can help you complete Phase 1 of certification.


Sean Perron
Sean is the Chief of Staff at ACBC
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