Digital Conference Frequently Asked Questions

Annual Conference Demo Video

What to Expect
This conference will be live-streamed to you over October 5-6. The material will be presented in real-time for you to tune in and watch. For those who cannot join live due to scheduling conflicts, the lecture material will also be available to watch for one week following the conference (until October 11).


What is gamification?

Gamification is like a virtual “treasure hunt.” You can explore the virtual conference website to find keywords in CAPITAL LETTERS that you can enter for points. Whenever you see a word in CAPITAL LETTERS on the conference platform, chances are it is a keyword that will earn you points. Look throughout the sessions, exhibitor hall, and more to find these keywords.

How do I redeem the keywords I find for points?

Click on the “Gamification” tab on the lefthand side of the virtual conference platform, and enter your keywords there. This will earn you points that you can redeem for prizes.

How to I choose prizes?

Throughout the conference, we will release various prizes. Click the Gamification tab to see what prizes are available. Check back periodically to see if new prizes have been released.


When will the content be available to me?

The content will be live streamed October 5-6. All sessions will also be available on demand October 7-11. You may watch these sessions on the Pheedloop conference platform.

What technology will I need to view the conference?

You will only need a computer and a reliable internet connection. ACBC recommends watching on a desktop or laptop. If you are unable to access a desktop or laptop, a tablet should suffice. We do not recommend watching on a mobile phone.

What kind of browser should I use?

We recommend using Google Chrome. If you have any issues, first refresh your page. Then, clear browser cookies.

What internet speed will I need?

We recommend a minimum of 10 Mbps. This is standard for most internet providers.


Can my children view the conference with me?

Yes, children can view the digital conference with you. Please note that some of the material may not be appropriate for small children. If your child is over 18, please register them in order to attend the event.

Will any of the plenary sessions be live streamed for free this year?

No, only paid attendees will be able to view the sessions.

Lodging and Travel

There will no longer be a hotel block, as the Annual Conference has transitioned to a digital format. If you have reserved a room under ACBC’s hotel block at the Airtel Plaza, ACBC will be canceling all room reservations on this list. You will receive a cancelation email. If you have booked a hotel independently (outside of this block), you will need to cancel your hotel reservation.

There will be no need to travel, unless you desire to move from room-to-room in your house.