ACBC Certification Application

If you have completed all of Phase I and have completed your ACBC Exams from Phase II, congratulations! You are ready to apply with ACBC! Here are a few things to be aware of:

  • You will need a voucher to start the application. To obtain a voucher, please email with affirmation that you have completed all of Phase I and have written and completed your ACBC Exams from Phase II.
  • You may start and save the application to finish at a later time.  So if you have to step away and pause the application process, you can.
    • The one exception to this is the Application Form, located in “Section 3”. You will need to complete this form in one sitting. There is no save feature on the form, so please keep that in mind. You should work to complete it in one sitting.
  • Additionally, please remember the 6 week time limit. All pieces of the application will need to be completed and submitted within 6 weeks of the application enroll date.

Course Information

Course Instructor

mm ACBC Author

Introduction to the ACBC Application

Affirmation of ACBC Guiding Documents and Statements from the Board of Directors


Upload Observation and Reading Logs

Pastor/Elder Evaluation

Colleague Evaluation

Church Membership and Authority Letter

Ordination Certificate (optional)

Upload Theology & Counselors Exams

Creating ACBC Candidate Profile & Paying the Application Fee

Confirmation of Application Completion and Final Information