Susan Heck

Teaching Counselees to Put off Anxiety | Susan Heck (Women Only)

Harrison Ford, a famous actor, when being interviewed, once said he had everything but peace and he hoped to find it when he died. We as believers don’t have to live in turmoil like Harrison Ford, as we can have peace now while we are still living! This workshop will deal with five common causes for anxiety along with five remedies for each of these.


George Scipione

How To Kill Worry Before Worry Kills You | George Scipione

This workshop describes and defines anxiety biblically. God’s 3 fold solution to kill worry before it kills you is expounded and explained. Finally, the practical implications for counseling are explored.


Hannah Carter

Biblical Counseling and Anxiety | Hannah Carter (Women Only)

Many times we are aware of the emotion and physical feelings of fear and worry, but not aware of what we are thinking or believing that drive the feelings in those moments. Every time fear and worry creep in to your thoughts, you have an opportunity to trust God and believe specific promises that apply to the specific situation. This session will help you learn how to recognize your thoughts and then renew them carefully with God’s truth.


Armand Tiffe

Good Reasons Not to Worry | Armand Tiffe

We all have a natural tendency of one degree or another to become anxious and worried over issues in life. God knows we are prone to worry, so He speaks directly to it in His Word. In this session, we will see that God supplies us with logical and theological reasons not to be overcome with worry and anxious thoughts.


Craig Rowe

Anxiety: The Problem, The Principles, and a Plan | Craig Rowe

Worry is like a fire in your belly. It will burn up your energy and consume your time. Anxiety can lead to serious problems and be a challenge for the counselee and counselor to resolve, yet the root of the problem is often fairly simple. We will examine those roots and a concrete plan to address them from Scripture.



When Your Seemingly Obedient Children become Prodigals | Shirley Elliott (Women Only)

There is an anxiety acquainted with the hearts of moms who have raised children as they believe God instructed them to do in His Word. They seem to take their adult child’s waywardness harder than dads. If they believe Proverbs 22:6 is a promise rather than a warning, they will experience shock and confusion when the outcome of their parenting is different than anticipated, believing they were responsible for the outcome of their child.



Lisa Schmidt

Responding Biblically to Guilt and Shame | Lisa Schmidt (Women Only)

Guilt is a gift from God and is designed to direct us toward Him. Unfortunately, many Christians do not respond biblically to guilt and end up repeating the same sinful habits over and over. Many times, unresolved guilt snowballs into other sins like worry, anxiety, depression, or sinful anger. In this workshop, you will learn how to respond biblically to guilt and shame and how to disciple the women you counsel with the same truths.



The Negative Behind Positive Thinking: Evaluation of Positive Thinking Concepts | Nicolas Ellen

This workshop will explore the central ideas of positive thinking. It will help participants understand why positive thinking as presented in the western culture is incompatible with Godly thinking prescribed by Scripture.



Emotions and Counseling | Rebekah Hannah

Having emotions is a part of being made in the image of God. Therefore, biblical counselors should not disregard nor worship emotions. Rather, we should lead others in imitating Christ with their emotions by aligning them with the truth of God’s Word.




Paul Tautges

When Panic Attacks Me | Paul Tautges

Winning the fight against anxiety requires a counterattack. Learn how personal discipline in the Scriptures and prayer form a one-two punch.