Caroline Newheiser

Living with an Angry Husband  | Caroline Newheiser (Women Only)

Many women live with men who express anger in various ways. This workshop will direct women to the Scripture in order to deal with an angry husband.


Joe Propri

Conquering Anger in Your Soul | Joe Propri

Anger reigns in most crimes committed, is behind the violence that rages in our culture and is present in most of our tribulations, pushing people toward sinful reactions. There are two kinds of anger. We will study them and learn how to respond to the urges they bring. We will teach a short term plan for people with short fuses, and a long term plan for those who have a life-dominating problem with anger.


Jill Wamsley

Anger in Marriage | Jill Wamsley (Women Only)

Scripture teaches anger springs forth from a man’s heart so anger is an internal matter of the heart. At times our spouse can be angry but can I decelerate the anger or be provoking my spouse when he or she is clearly angry?


My Anger is out of Control | Jim Newheiser

This talk highlights the differences between how secular counselors (from the American Psychological Association website) try to manage anger and how Scripture enables you to overcome anger. The person who is angry is believing lies about himself, God and others. The focal point of this talk is five biblical truths to tell yourself when you are tempted to be angry.


Martha Peace

Helping Women who Struggle with Anger | Martha Peace (Women Only)

Anger is a common problem with all people and women are no exception. Often, they do not know that when they feel frustrated or irritated or resentful, they are angry. The anger may be in their heart by what they are thinking and/or desiring or it may be expressed outwardly in all kinds of hurtful ways. This workshop is designed to teach biblical counselors how to help a counselee not be angry but instead be kind and tenderhearted and forgiving. It includes practical counseling tips and a case study throughout.



Bill Shannon

The Joy of Becoming Good and Angry | Bill Shannon

A Biblical approach to counseling sinfully angry people to become saints above reproach. The seminar is formulated to help those with the emotion of anger to turn it into an opportunity to glorify God.



Garrett Higbee

Working with Angry Teens and Their Parents | Garrett Higbee

In this workshop we will explore the cycle of anger between parents and their adolescents. How do you deescalate the crisis? How do you get to the heart of the issues on all sides? You will learn how to resolve conflict biblically in a family where anger has been the norm.



How Deuteronomy Identifies Roots of Anger | Jim Fain

The roots of idolatry and unbelief are present throughout Scripture. Moses helps us see where and how the descent begins and where it ends. He offers a better way, a more God-honoring path through the wilderness of self-centered desires.



Wayne Vanderwier

How Anger is Understood and Addressed in the Cultures of Other Nations | Wayne Vanderwier

Most of us understand basic biblical teaching concerning anger. But what happens when the teaching of the Scriptures and the practice of a culture clash? And how can we be both faithful to biblical truth and sensitive to cultural perspectives? This session will seek to address and answer those questions.




Tim Keeter

Hope and Help for Handling Sinful Anger | Tim Keeter

Sinful anger is something we are all familiar with, but what about when it becomes a prevailing characteristic of someone’s life? Do we treat all anger the same way? Tim will cover ways to help discern what a counselee’s anger is teaching you about them and how to help them repent of their sinful desires and practices.