Brad Bigney

How to Keep Biblical Sorrow from Slipping into Sinful Complaining| Brad Bigney

People are hurting in our broken world and need help knowing the appropriate place for biblical sorrow that stops short of sinful complaining and accusing God of injustice. Do you know the difference and can you guide a sufferer using the Scriptures?


Brad Brandt(1)

Ministering the Book of Lamentations | Brad Brandt

Lamentations is a must-read book for counselors who are ministering to hurting people in a broken society. It shows us in concrete terms how to help people mourn God’s way, and then, how to experience lasting hope in the real world. This workshop investigates the pastoral message of the book of Lamentations in order to learn how to give hope to people who have lost hope.


Abused as a Child, Suffering as an Adult | Amy Baker

The purpose of this workshop is to examine some of the key struggles which a victim of abuse may experience as an adult and to discuss how to guide them to the path of hope.


Nathan Currey

Songs for the Sorrowful | Nathan Currey

Some of the richest theology and the deepest truth flows through the Psalms and also the hymns of the church. Ministering to people wrestling with grief requires more than pat answers and cheesy quotes. This workshop will provide resources to comfort deep sorrow and grief with the deep truths of scripture communicated through song.



Julie Ganschow Real

Sorrow with a Purpose | Julie Ganschow

Our individual sorrows and suffering are costly to us. We must remember that God cares about our emotions. In this session we will learn that sorrow is the perfect place for God to do His work in the hearts and lives of His people.



Jim Pile

How Compassionate is Your Counseling? | Jim Pile

We have been saved by a compassionate God (Psalm 40:11) and yet, how compassionate are we when counseling His sheep who are suffering? Compassion is an indispensable element of biblical counseling because it reflects God’s heart; therefore, it is vital to understand authentic compassion and the impact it can have on the people we counsel. In this session, we will take a close look at compassion as demonstrated in Scripture and how it can facilitate our counseling instruction and bring about godly change in counselees experiencing the trials of life.



Bob Kellemen

Counseling Under the Cross: Martin Luther on Suffering, Sorrow, and Hope in Christ | Bob Kellmen

Martin Luther is known as a great Reformer, but Luther was also a master pastor skilled in applying the gospel to our suffering, sin, and sanctification in Christ. In this session, we learn from Martin Luther how to “counsel under the cross”–how to apply the hope of the gospel to the suffering of life in our fallen world.



Paul Tautges

Working Through Depression | Paul Tautges

Depression can be debilitating, but escape is never the solution. Instead the emotional transparency of the psalmists teaches us how to work through depression by walking through the valley with tenacious faith




Dr. Jim Halla

Towards Developing A Proper Theology of Sadness | Jim Halla

The term sadness is packed with feelings often associated with loss. The many synonyms for sadness carry the idea of bad feelings and resultant behavior. This workshop is designed to help believers sort out fact from fiction in order to be glad when one is sad.




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Helping the Anxious, Stressed and Troubled to Meditate on God | Tim Bryant

Isaiah 26:3 promises perfect peace for those whose mind is stayed on the Lord (intimated in many other verses as well – Rom 8:6; Ps 16:8; Phil 4:6-8; Mt 6:24-34). How can the biblical counselor specifically flesh this out with those whose mind is locked up in anxiety? It is the Holy Spirit that gives heart-changing comprehension of God (Eph 3:14-21), and in this session, the biblical counselor will learn a method of meditating on God that, by the Spirit’s help, has proven transforming for many anxious, stressed, and troubled souls. This session is complete with three meditation sheets on God’s sovereignty, goodness and wisdom, ready to use in counseling.