Deborah Dewart

Sexuality and the Courts: Realities and Unrealities | Deborah Dewart

Sexuality is increasingly the subject of litigation. The Supreme Court created a constitutional “right” to abortion in 1973, ignoring the reality of the human person being created in the womb. Homosexuality invaded the courtroom a few years ago. Courts carved out a “right” to private homosexual acts, ignoring the reality of sexually transmitted disease. “Family” was redefined when same-sex couples were allowed to foster or even legally adopt children. Eventually the Supreme Court purported to redefine marriage—society’s most basic building block. More recently, the biological reality of male and female has been cast aside as transgender issues come to the forefront of legal battles. The most basic realities are now subject to legal redefinition. This workshop will help you (1) understand the current legal landscape, including the challenges that you and your counselees may face in the near future; and (2) protect your counseling ministry and church to minimize the potential for legal attacks that drain your resources.

John Street

Purifying the Heart of Sexual Idolatry | John Street

This session identifies eight major pre-conditions of the heart that causes a person to surrender to sexual sin. After identification of these pre-conditions comes the importance of repentance and dependency on the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ in seeking not victory, but faithfulness.

Thanksgiving: Necessary Ingredient for Sexual Purity | Tim Pasma

Have you ever seen the connection of ingratitude to sexual impurity and the importance of gratitude to sexual purity in the Scripture? This breakout session explores those connections and how to cultivate a thankful heart.

Thanks Adam and Eve: A Theology of the Body | Kevin Carson

In this session, Kevin Carson will help participants understand a theology of the body in light of the fall.

Hair Pulling | Keith Palmer

This session will address counseling those who struggle with pulling their hair (Trichotillomania) and other body-focused repetitive behaviors.

Medical Problems that Appear to be Counseling Problems | Charles Hodges

Charles Hodges looks at how to distinguish between medical problems and counseling problems and the effect this has on counseling.

Martha Peace

Vanity or Body Image Problems? | Martha Peace

The medical world has a diagnosis — Body Image Problem. It sounds important and, by the way, potentially fatal! The Bible has a much clearer label — vanity. This workshop instructs counselors to help women who struggle with vanity teaching the counselor practical Biblical tips and Biblical principles.

Addressing Sexual Struggles in Marriage | Scott Mehl

We will cover God’s design for sex and how understanding that design creates clarity for those who have sexual struggles in marriage. I will present a practical, process to take counselees through to help them experience a God-glorifying sex life.

George Sanders

What Every Christian Should Know About Sleep | George Sanders

This talk includes an overview of sleep physiology and common sleep problems, including the treatment of insomnia with an overview of secular treatments while then examining what the scriptures have to offer in the way of sleep therapy. Finally it considers what scripture says to those who just cannot sleep.

Hope and Help for the Self-Injurer | Mark Shaw

Participants will better understand how the human body addresses the issue of how pain feels good to a self-injurer/cutter. Will give practical help and hope to counselors of self-harmers from the Word of God.

Tony Anderson

God’s Blueprint for Sex | Tony Anderson

God has created the beautiful gift of sexual intimacy in marriage for a person to physically experience the pleasure of God through, and with, his or her spouse. However, like all of God’s gifts, since the fall of man, man’s sin has brought about challenges and hardships in this area. Many married couples have differences in the area of physical intimacy. It is a common problem. This workshop is designed to help you and your counselee understand God’s design for sex in marriage and to make it easier to discuss these issues in counseling.