Phase 2: Exams & Application


After Phase 1 is completed, you are ready to begin Phase 2.

1. Exams

Complete your Theological and Counselor Exams (templates also available in the link below).

Download Theological and Counselor Exams

Tip: Read the exam specifications very carefully before submitting your exams. Much time will be saved during the application and grading process if your exams are formatted correctly.

2. Application

Complete the online application which includes the following elements:

  • Introduction to the ACBC Application
  • Review and Affirmation of ACBC Guiding Documents and Statements from the Board of Directors

    Documents and Statements found at the top of our Phase I webpage

  • Application
  • Submission of Observation and Reading Logs
  • Pastor/Elder Evaluation
  • Colleague Evaluation
  • Church Member and Authority Letter
  • Submission of Ordination Certificate (optional – men only)
  • Submission of Theology and Counselor Exams
  • Creating an ACBC Candidate Account and Paying Application Fee

Tip: Please ensure that your exams and all required pieces of your application are submitted within a six week period in order to complete the process in a timely manner. ACBC is able to send exams on to a grader only after receiving in all pieces of the Application.