PHASE 2: Exams & Application


After Phase 1 is completed, you are ready to begin Phase 2.

1. Exams

Tip: Read the exam specifications very carefully before submitting your exams. Much time will be saved during the application and grading process if your exams are formatted correctly.

2. Application

  • Complete the online application which includes the following elements:
    • Introduction to the ACBC Application
    • Review and Affirmation of ACBC Guiding Documents and Statements from the Board of Directors
    • Application
    • Submission of Observation and Reading Logs
    • Pastor/Elder Evaluation
    • Colleague Evaluation
    • Church Member and Authority Letter
    • Submission of Ordination Certificate (optional – men only)
    • Submission of Theology and Counselors Exams
    • Creating an ACBC Candidate Account and Paying Application Fee

Tip: Please ensure that your exams and all required pieces of your application are submitted within a six week period in order to complete the process in a timely process. ACBC is able to send exams on to a grader only after receiving in all pieces of the Application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What Will the Biblical Counseling Certification and Membership Cost?
Basic Training Course: varies, depending on where you complete it
Application Fee: $100
Observation DVDs: $168
Supervision Fee: $500
Books & Resources: $85 (minimum)
Membership Dues: $100 (annual)

Question: How Long Will the Certification Program Take?
Time varies, depending on how much time you have and how much training you’ve had. Many people complete the certification process within a year after completing the Basic Training Course.

Question: What Are the Membership Levels?
After you complete the certification process, you will become a certified biblical counselor and can renew your membership annually.
Level 1
Level 2 – Ordained ministers
Fellows – Level 2 who have completed and passed Fellow applications, exam process, and supervision. For more information on becoming a Fellow, click here.