David Powlison | A Tribute

David Powlison wanted us to celebrate his life in color. In part, because he lived life in color. He saw deeply and observed keenly the beauty of God through the lens of Jesus Christ. So, a few days ago, I purchased a Hawaiian shirt to wear at his memorial, the...

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The Valley of the Shadow

It has been nearly five years since the fateful night that I received a phone call from my parents. Their voices were sad and monotone. They told me that a family had committed suicide. I was numb in my disbelief. After what felt like an eternity, the disbelief began to...

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TIL 199: Understanding Hormones

On this edition of Truth in Love Dr. Dale Johnson discusses the topic of hormones with Dr. Dan Dionne from a medical and biblical perspective. Featured Topics: Remembering that God designed hormones The importance of check-ups with physicians The importance of having a good theology of suffering How should a Christian woman think about her...

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