TIL 230 | How to Help Psychologized Counselees

Features: - What are Biblical Counselors to do with Psychological labels? - The Benefit of Biblical Terminology - How to minister to a psychologized person - The Christian’s identity Below is a transcript that has been edited for readability. Dale Johnson: This week on the podcast, I am delighted to have with us one of our...

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TIL 226 | Reorienting the Therapeutic

Featuring: - Understanding the philosophy that drives therapeutic categories - Refining of man as the center - The saturation of our culture with the therapeutic mentality - How to help psychologized counselees The following is an edited transcript of Truth in Love episode 226 Dr. Dale Johnson: This week on the podcast, I am delighted once...

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TIL 222 | Raising Men, Not Boys

Dale Johnson: This week on the podcast, our Communications Coordinator, Taron Defevers, was able to catch up with pastor Mike Fabarez. Mike is the founding pastor of Compass Bible Church in South Orange County, California, and he's been in pastoral ministry for more than twenty-five years. Mike is going to address...

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