Fear in Pandemics

We are certainly facing problems in our culture today as we talk about pandemics. What I'm referring to at least in our current cultural context is COVID-19, the coronavirus. We have become very accustomed to those words and that language to describe this virus. It's interesting to me how easy...

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TIL 248: The Church and Polyamory

Featuring The biblical portrait of the gospel Biblical expression of sexuality The counsel we give must be rooted in the design of Scripture Notes Polyamory: Pastors' Next Sexual Frontier (Christianity Today article) God's Design for Man and Woman: A Biblical-Theological Survey Biblical Principles of Sex (Ministry Monographs for Modern Times) Transforming Homosexuality: What the Bible...

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TIL 243: What the Bible says about Codependency (feat. Cheryl Bell)

Featuring:  1. How does a biblical view of codependency differ from a secular view? 2. How does Scripture describe the consequences of this heart attitude and behavioral response? 3. How does God respond to those who chose codependence over God-dependence?   Dale Johnson: Dr. Sam Stephens, our Director of Training Center Certification, was able to sit...

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