TIL 222 | Raising Men, Not Boys

On this week's edition of Truth in Love, pastor Mike Fabarez joins us to discuss what it looks like to raise our sons to be men in our current culture. Featuring: - Challenges Families face with raising Sons Today - Investing in your Children - The Importance of the Church in raising Sons - Addressing...

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TIL 221 | The War on Manhood Pt. 2

Featuring:  The Christian’s Starting Place on Gender (Gen. 1-2) How Masculinity is being Deconstructed What is Biblical Masculinity? Why We Can’t Waiver on Biblical Masculinity How the Church is Being Impacted Today Biblical Counselors must lovingly Retrain Men to Biblical Manhood Resources:  The Grand Design: Male and Female He Made Them | Owen Strachan Reenchanting Humanity: A Theology of...

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TIL 220 | Physicians of the Soul

Featuring: How the Puritans help counselors get to the human heart Experts in identifying problems and gospel solutions “Living Blessedly Forever” Puritans on Doctrine and Practice The lost art of Biblical Meditation Learning more about the Puritans Resources: The Blessed and Boundless God | George Swinnock Triumphing Over Sinful Fear | John Flavel Great Spoil: Thomas Manton's Spirituality of...

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