TIL 233: Being a “One Another” Christian

Featuring: 1. Why is the topic of the “one-another” commands so important today 2. The “one-anothers" as commands 3. Beyond church on Sunday 4. Practical application on the “stirring up one-another" Resources: 31 Ways to Be a "One-Another" Christian: Loving Others with the Love of Jesus | Stuart Scott & Andrew Jin Give to ACBC while holiday...

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TIL 230 | How to Help Psychologized Counselees

Features: - What are Biblical Counselors to do with Psychological labels? - The Benefit of Biblical Terminology - How to minister to a psychologized person - The Christian’s identity Below is a transcript that has been edited for readability. Dale Johnson: This week on the podcast, I am delighted to have with us one of our...

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TIL 226 | Reorienting the Therapeutic

Featuring: - Understanding the philosophy that drives therapeutic categories - Refining of man as the center - The saturation of our culture with the therapeutic mentality - How to help psychologized counselees The following is an edited transcript of Truth in Love episode 226 Dr. Dale Johnson: This week on the podcast, I am delighted once...

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