Thinking Wisely About Technology

Truth In Love · TIL 265: Thinking Wisely About Technology (feat. John Lehman) Dale Johnson: This week on the podcast we have with us John Lehman, who's a Pastor of Member Care and Missions at Hampton Park Baptist Church in Greenville, South Carolina. He also serves not only his church there...

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Engaging Abused Women

Truth In Love · TIL 263: Engaging Abused Women (feat. Pam Gannon) Dale Johnson: This week on the podcast we have Pam Gannon with us. I am so delighted to have Pam here speaking particularly on this topic of engaging abused women. She goes to Grace Bible Church in Bozeman, Montana....

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Biological Psychiatry

Dale Johnson: May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and we are dedicating our Truth and Love podcast to talking about issues that are very prevalent in our culture. In fact during this time of pandemic the terminology of mental health is actually increasing. One of the signs we've seen that mental...

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