TIL 126 : Truth in Love Live (Special Edition)

On this special edition of Truth in Love LIVE at the ACBC 2018 Annual Conference, Heath Lambert answers live questions from the viewers. 2017 ACBC Truth In Love Live from ACBC on Vimeo. For more podcasts like this one, visit our podcast page. You can watch this podcast on video here.     2017 ACBC Annual Conference...

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Are Biblical Counselors Unbiblical? Evaluating Transformational Psychology’s Exegetical Foundations

PDF Version for Print Introduction There are many models of Christian counseling that vie for the consideration of the church. One variety that has more recently garnered attention is Transformational Psychology (TP). I first found out about TP when I read Dr. John Coe’s ETS paper: “Why Biblical Counseling Is Unbiblical.” As...

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Biblical Counseling, The Sufficiency of Scripture, and the Use of Extra-Biblical Information (Part I)

Introduction: A New Book, An Old Controversy Last week Zondervan released my new book, A Theology of Biblical Counseling: The Doctrinal Foundations of Counseling Ministry. The overall point of the book is to demonstrate that the kind of discussions that our culture calls counseling, are conversations that are necessarily theological in nature....

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