TIL 032 : Forgiveness After An Abortion (feat. Julie Ganschow)

On this edition of Truth in Love, Julie Ganschow talks about ministering to women who have had abortions. She speak about two categories of suffering women, those who had abortions before they became believers and those who had abortions as believers. She helps listeners think through some biblical and practical...

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Forgiveness After An Abortion (A Transcript)

Heath: One of the topics that has overtaken our cultural consciousness in the aftermath of the Planned Parenthood scandal is the issue of caring for women who are considering an abortion or who have had an abortion. This is a topic that is dear and precious to my heart because...

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The Urgent Need for Parental Authority

This column, written by Dr. Heath Lambert, originally appeared in the print edition of the Florida Baptist Witness. Two different reports from two different news agencies seem like they are about two different realities, but are actually tied together in fascinating ways. The first is an article from the New York Times...

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