College Park Counseling Center | Interview with Andrew Rogers

Andrew Rogers Interview from ACBC on Vimeo.   Location: Indianapolis, IN College Park Church offers ACBC biblical counseling training every Sunday morning. They also offer an advanced course every Wednesday during the week. During the Spring, they offer a conference that teaches both the Fundamentals Track and an Advanced Course. You can partner...

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Are Biblical Counselors Unbiblical? Evaluating Transformational Psychology’s Exegetical Foundations

PDF Version for Print Introduction There are many models of Christian counseling that vie for the consideration of the church. One variety that has more recently garnered attention is Transformational Psychology (TP). I first found out about TP when I read Dr. John Coe’s ETS paper: “Why Biblical Counseling Is Unbiblical.” As...

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Faith Biblical Counseling Center | Interview with David Birch

Location: Greater Atlanta Area Certified as an ACBC Training Center since 2008. Faith Biblical Counseling Center operates as an outreach service of our church under the authority of the elders. This ministry is designed to help people facing the problems of modern society find their answers to their problems in God’s Word, the Bible. Every...

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