TIL 207 | Counseling Tips

Martha Peace has been counseling as an ACBC member since 1989. On today's podcast Martha reflects on her years of counseling experience. Along the way she has picked up some valuable lessons, and today she passes those lessons on to other biblical counselors. Resources: Martha Peace's Website Salvation Worksheets Attitudes of a Transformed Heart...

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TIL 203: Guarding Against Gossip

On this week's podcast, ACBC member Caroline Newheiser provides a biblical approach to fighting gossip and pursuing holy, God-honoring speech. Featuring: What is Gossip and how can we identify it? Would I say that if this person were here? What standard does God set for how we talk? Gossip is a heart issue. Guidance for how...

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TIL 196 | Legal Issues and Abuse

  Featuring: - How the church should think about Abuse from a legal perspective - Recommendations for consent forms - Steps to further understand your states reporting laws - Updates on Legal issues and gender - A case study of Church law suite Organizations: - Church Law and Tax Report - Christian Legal Society - Alliance Defending Freedom - Center for...

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