What Martin Luther Taught Me About Counseling

The Reformation Roots of Biblical Counseling Reformation Day 496 years ago Martin Luther nailed up his 95 Theses.  We celebrate that day as the beginning of the Protestant Reformation.  I am thankful for all the ways that Luther impacted the church, for all the ways that Luther advanced the Kingdom of Christ,...

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NANC Proposed Name Change

Earlier this year, NANC’s board decided that it would be in the best interests of our association to change the name. There are three reasons we believe a name change is a great step for us. Let me explain them to you. We Want To Communicate Our Purpose Clearly First, the word nouthetic is...

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NANC Myth #1 – NANC Trains Their Counselors to Get Counselees off of Their Psychiatric Medication

One of the most persistent myths I hear about NANC is that our certified counselors are vehemently opposed to psychiatric medication and are trained to tell you to stop taking it.  This is simply not true. Taking psychiatric medications is controversial.  Many people have legitimate questions about their use and effectiveness. ...

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