The Mind of an Addict

Ever wonder what an “addict” is thinking? How can they continue living this way? When will they stop the insanity? Can they stop? What is causing this downward spiral? In the workshop I teach at the ACBC Annual Conference, The Mind of an Addict, I address five basic mentalities driving...

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Listening to Depression

"You can’t hope to understand someone’s struggle with depression by diagnosing it; you must listen to it." Scott Mehl discusses how to listen and administer care to those struggling with depression. The CDC reports that at any given moment, 8% of the population in the United States is suffering from depression....

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Who is Saying Medicine is Unimportant?

Even a cursory reading of the leaders in the biblical counseling movement indicates that they have carefully articulated a belief in the importance of the physical body and medical treatment. Counseling and Medicine The biblical counseling movement has a persistent reputation for being anti-drug. Because of our annual conference focus on mental...

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