Reigning Grace Counseling Center | Interview

Reigning Grace Counseling Center | Julie Ganschow Interview from ACBC on Vimeo.   Location: Kansas City, Missouri Reigning Grace Counseling Center exists for the purpose of counseling and restoring Christians, evangelizing the lost, and training both individuals and churches in the practice of Biblical counseling. Reigning Grace ministers to those who struggle with sinful...

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Is It a Sin to Be Sad?

One of the most common biblical commands is to be joyful or to rejoice. We understand that the Scriptures teach us that as Christians we are to be joyful people. This raises an issue because in the context of a fallen world we know that many people struggle with sadness...

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An Announcement from the Executive Director

The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors is the oldest and largest network of biblical counselors in the world. After Jay Adams created the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (CCEF) in the 1960’s, he and the board of CCEF came to believe that if biblical counseling was to be a legitimate...

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