A Biblical View of Truth

National Geographic has become profoundly interested in moral issues lately. Earlier this year they did a cover story on transgenderism. Just a few weeks ago they released an issue with a cover story on the issue of truth-telling. Their interest in the latter seems related to all the talk about...

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Sola or Solo and Biblical Counseling

The debates concerning the sufficiency of Scripture and biblical counseling bring up a good question.  “When you ‘biblical counselors’ talk about sufficiency it sounds more like solo Scriptura than it does sola Scriptura.”  Some have asserted that biblical counselors have deviated a bit from the Reformed and historic doctrine of...

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2017 Counseling Book of the Year

    Every year the ACBC staff releases a list of their top 10 recommended counseling books from November to November to be voted on for the best counseling book of the year. The ACBC membership will vote to select the "2017 Counseling Book of the Year." This book will be chosen...

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