Clarifying and Confessing

I woke up on Saturday morning to discover that I was—as my grandfather used to say—in the soup. A controversy was swirling, and I was in the center. As I consider what is being said of me and my relationship with Eric Johnson I count three different issues.   1. The nature...

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Transgender Confusion and Transformational Christianity

Dr. Heath Lambert recently spoke on the topic of “Transgender Confusion and Transformational Christianity” at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte. Dr. Lambert argues that there are three convictional categories that everyone possesses. First, everyone believes in some kind of authority. Second, everyone believes there is a difference between right and wrong....

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Restoration After Abuse (A Transcript)

Heath: Domestic violence is a really, really serious topic for us to address. It is such a serious topic because the pain is so profound and because the experience of the difficulty is so wide-ranging. There are statistics that report that anywhere from 25-33% of women will be victimized physically...

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