When It’s Hard to be Thankful

How can I be thankful for the things I don’t like? Often it can be really hard to be thankful. Especially when life is handing us a dish we aren’t in the mood to eat. It's hard to be thankful when we are wrongly accused, or criticized, or suffering. When prayers...

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Fighting Against the “Small” Sins

Do you ever feel the weariness and burden of the seemingly impossible battle with sin? Saying no to sin daily is commanded but we can grow weary in the battle. Spiritual maturity doesn’t come easy, but as Christ-followers we have an obligation to live alert to and fight aggressively against...

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Helping Those Who Grieve

When someone we love dies suddenly, the pain is real, deep, and everything we believe can be called into question. In 2016, I received the terminal cancer diagnosis of my husband and the father of our three teenagers. This surprising and painful diagnosis caused deep agony in our souls as...

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