Biological Psychiatry

Dale Johnson: May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and we are dedicating our Truth and Love podcast to talking about issues that are very prevalent in our culture. In fact during this time of pandemic the terminology of mental health is actually increasing. One of the signs we've seen that mental...

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The Bible of Psychiatry

Truth In Love · TIL 257: The Bible of Psychiatry Dale Johnson: This week I am joined by Dr. Sam Stephens. He is our Director of Training Center Certification. We are now in the month of May, which is known around the world as Mental Health Month or Mental Health Awareness...

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The Importance of Confession

 Today on Truth in Love, I want us to go in a direction that unfortunately may be a little uncomfortable—even for we who believe. I want us to talk about repentance and confession. In biblical counseling, this is a big deal. We talk about repentance. We talk about confession quite...

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