If you have completed all of Phase I and have completed your ACBC Exams from Phase II, congratulations! You are ready to apply with ACBC! Here are a few things to be aware of:

  • You may start and save the application to come back to later. So if you have to step away and pause the application process, you can. Just be sure to hit save before exiting.


  • The ACBC Application will need to be completed, and all elements received from third parties, within 6 weeks of the date that you begin it. Please keep this in mind as your prepare to apply.



  • Once we receive this email, we will send instructions on how to start the ACBC Application.

The following elements make up the ACBC Application:

  • Introduction to the ACBC Application
  • Review and Affirmation of ACBC Guiding Documents and Statements from the Board of Directors
  • Application
  • Submission of Observation and Reading Logs
  • Pastor/Elder Evaluation
  • Colleague Evaluation
  • Church Member and Authority Letter
  • Submission of Ordination Certificate (optional – men only)
  • Submission of Theology and Counselors Exams
  • Creating an ACBC Candidate Account and Paying Application Fee