Application for Counseling Specialization Exemption

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  • Instructions

    Please complete the form below. Be sure to answer all questions fully and submit all requested documentation. You may complete this application in one setting, or select "Save and Continue" to complete it at a later time. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Select the counseling specialization for which you are applying for exemption of requirements.
  • How many years of counseling experience do you have in regards to the selected Counseling Specialization?
  • Please list all the books you have read related to the selected Counseling Specialization. NOTE: Make sure to include recent books in this list.
  • Please list all of the publications you have produced on the topic of the selected Counseling Specialization. NOTE: Publications include any books, articles, pamphlets, and web publications. Provide dates.
  • Please list all of the speaking engagements you have engaged in on the topic of the selected Counseling Specialization. NOTE: Speaking engagements include any courses, seminars, special lectures, and conferences taught. Provide Dates.
  • Please list any ongoing education you have acquired/completed on the topic of the selected Counseling Specialization. NOTE: Ongoing education includes classes, seminars, conferences attended, other credentials acquired, and degrees acquired. Provide Dates.
  • Please provide original class/lecture notes for courses taught related to this counseling specialization. NOTE: If no class/lecture notes are available, please provide a one-page summary (double spaced) of your overall view of addictions counseling.
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  • Fellow Recommendation

    A recommendation from an ACBC Fellow is required for the completion of this application. Please put that Fellow's name in the space below.
  • Final Instructions

    Please copy the URL below and send the website link to the name of the Fellow you provided above. Once you do this, you may click "Submit" below to complete the application.