Annual Conference 2019 Highlight | Day 3

Annual Conference


Session 4 | Care After a Suicide

Kevin Carson

From Jesus, we learn about the attitude of care (Jn 11). He is: humble; loving; patient with their unbelief; and caring.

When it comes to grief, every person’s journey is different. There is no set timetable for grief.


Session 5 | Understanding and Dealing with Suicide

Nicolas Ellen

A human observation without a biblical interpretation leads us to see life as a never ending problem we don’t want to deal with.

People sin and people suffer. Good biblical counsel deals with both.


Session 6 | Despair: Body and Soul, A Medical Perspective

Lee Edmonds

We must fit our personal narrative in the meta-narrative of Christ.

Feelings do not trump reality. Feelings are real, but they are not truth.

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