Annual Conference 2019 Highlight | Day 2

Annual Conference



Session 2 | Self-Injurious Behavior

Mark Shaw

“As biblical counselors, we need to stop super-sizing the worship issues of the heart. The gospel levels the field.”

“The church is God’s ordained institution to help connect broken people to God.”


Session 3 | Abounding in Hope

Dr. Stephen Yuille

“Hope is fueled by the conviction that God is able to do what he has promised.” (Rom. 4:18-21)

“Oftentimes, we tend to react rather than reflect. We need to reflect on God, rather than react to our circumstances.”

“The measure of God’s love is not your circumstances, but the cross.”


Session 4 | Care After a Suicide

Kevin Carson

“From Jesus, we learn about the attitude of care (Jn 11). He is: humble; loving; patient with their unbelief; and caring.”

“When it comes to grief, every person’s journey is different. There is no set timetable for grief.”


Members Meeting

In our Member’s Meeting, Dr. Steve Viars and Dr. John Street honored the late Dr. David Powlison for his faithfulness to God, his Scripture, and to caring for others.


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