Pre & Annual Conference 2019 Highlight | Day 1


Session 1 | Toward a God-Centered Theology of Suffering

Paul Tautges

“Our response to suffering either keeps God at the center where He belongs, or it exalts man to take His place.”

“If we would look at suffering through the eyes of Christ who says “ my grace is sufficient,” we would embrace human weakness as one means of making the strength of our Savior more glorious.”


Session 2 | A Biblical Theology of Heaven’s Hope

Jim Hamilton

“The overarching story that the Bible presents to us is going to give meaning to our lives, dictate our behavior, and inform our expectations.”

“The psalmist has to repeatedly urge himself to hope in God.” (Psalm 42 & 43)

Session 3 | Suffering with Chronic Pain While Clinging to Enduring Hope

Brad Brandt

“Memorize psalms of lament. In times of pain, it is good to have these tucked away in your heart.”

“You cannot afford to be passive in pain. [the psalmist] verbalizes “I trust in your unfailing love,” “my heart rejoices in your salvation.” He announces: I will sing.” He’s bringing his swirling mind back into submission to truth”


Session 4 | Finding Hope in an Unwanted Diagnosis

Tim Keeter

“Counselors, it’s not unloving to compassionately point suffering people to pursue God’s glory above all things. We do that gently, but we do that without apology.”

“The happiest people in the world aren’t those with good statistical outcomes, but those who walk in the comfort of the Spirit.”


Session 5 | Finding God’s Grace in Seasons of Suffering

Brad and Vicki Bigney

“As believers, we’re not trusting a system, we’re trusting the savior; the living, wise, loving savior. I can cease striving because I am trusting a loving God.”

“Where am I running to instead of God?” Often you don’t know until you’re in a time of suffering, and then what you were leaning on is taken or shaken.”



Annual Conference


Session 1 | When All Hope Seems Lost

Dr. Dale Johnson

“Happiness is a bi-product of hope. True and legitimate happiness is missing in our society because we are missing true hope.”

“God doesn’t do good to you because you are good. God does good to you because He is good.”

“Your past experiences do not define who you are. They are legitimate experiences and they are devastating. But you are not at the mercy of your experiences. You are at the mercy of God.”

Conference Highlight Day 2

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