ACBC16: Day 2 Highlights


Miss the conference? Below are the highlights from day two of the 2016 ACBC Annual Conference: Truth In Love.

Annual Conference: Truth in Love

Session 1:

Richard Ganz, Senior Pastor of Ottawa Reformed Presbyterian Church


“We need God not only in salvation, but for every single step for our sanctification as well.”

“The flesh profits nothing.”

“Our lives must not only be touched by, but dominated by the grace of God.”


Session 2: 

Jeremy Pierre, Dean of Students at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary


“We rely on the Holy Spirit to grant change to an individual.”

“Emotions are the expression of desires.”

“Emotions are not an inconvenient hindrance to the walk of faith. In Jesus, they can be expressions of faith.”


Session 3: 

David Powlison, Executive Director of CCEF


“You can’t take a half step beyond what God has allotted to you.”

“You are a vehicle of Jesus Christ when you really listen.”

“God promises peace which is the opposite of anxiety.”


Historical Panel: From NANC to ACBC – 40 Years of Biblical Counseling. 

We were thrilled to host a panel with Richard Ganz, George Scipione, Randy Patten, Steve Viars, David Powlison, and Wayne Mack. 


“Never despise the small things. Who knows what God will do with that faithfulness.” – Steve Viars

“It didn’t make sense for me to not use the Bible in counseling.” – Wayne Mack

“We’re standing on the sovereignty of God because the Lord changes people.” – George Scipione



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